Board Development

Board assessment, training and coaching to ensure you have the right team in place to advance your organization's mission.

Developing a High-Performing Board of Directors

Not only do we want board members who are committed to the mission, but who are also strategic thinkers, fundraisers, and articulate public relations ambassadors. Data shows that high impact organizations have high performing boards. It doesn’t just happen.

As executive leaders, we need to give boards the tools to be informed, engaged and generative thinkers. Are they asking the difficult questions that will help solve community problems and advance your mission?

Invest in board development. Help them be successful. Board governance is a journey, and Strategic Consulting and Coaching will help you build an impactful board. Handing new or prospective board members a manual is not enough to garner their wisdom and engagement.

SCC offers workshops, training, and board coaching to support and enhance board governance and leadership.

Board Assessment

SCC will conduct a board assessment by interviewing both the leadership team and the Executive Committee to learn about board culture, what is going well and areas for growth and improvement. SCC will then facilitate an iterative discussion (up to two hours) with the entire board to learn about their hopes and dreams for your organization and share findings from previous interviews. This will help create a board development plan.

Board Training & Coaching

Our board training expertise will ensure that your board members are prepared to advance your organization's mission through trainings and coaching programs that are both skill-building and participatory. Learn more


Strategic Consulting and Coaching

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