Board Training & Coaching

Our board training expertise will ensure that your board members are prepared to advance your organization's mission.

Board Training & Continuing Education Offerings

SCC offers board trainings that are both skill-building and participatory:

The primer on the roles and responsibilities of being a board member. What does the Duty of Loyalty, Care and Obedience really mean? Targeted at first time board members and a great review for others.

An introduction to governance as leadership model and strategies. Creating and sustaining high impact boards.

Training for face to face solicitation and major donor calls

Half day or full day retreats tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Geared for the first-time or new executive director who wants to develop a plan for working with the board.  Learn about the facilitating the important relationship between the board chair and the executive director; creating agendas and impactful reports; building relationships with the entire board; recruitment; and reviewing your organization’s current job descriptions and committee structure. Find ways to tap into a board member’s passion and gifts. Put the duties of loyalty, care and corporate obedience (following state statute) into action. Learn more

Can fundraising really be fun? Absolutely! Join us for this workshop sampler to learn how to create a shared vision and mutual expectations about the importance of the board’s role in fundraising and resource development, and put the fun back in fundraising. It’s all about making connections with the donor!

Attendees will receive their own copy of "Boards on Fire! Inspiring Leaders to Raise Money Joyfully" by Susan Howlett.

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Everyone knows one of the Board’s roles is to oversee the financial health of an organization, but who explains what their fundraising roles should be?

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Board Coaching

SCC consultants will facilitate difficult discussions about healthy boundaries, board roles, strained relationships and boards that are stuck. Moving from a toxic board culture to a healthy and productive place creates positive change and brings people together to advance the mission of your organization.

We will help your organization make high-level decisions with boards of directors and executive directors on the following:

  • Moving from an operating board to a governance board
  • Healthy boundaries and board roles
  • Strained board relationships with board members and/or executive director
  • Addressing and working through "founder’s syndrome"
  • Clarifying priorities and developing strategies rather than micromanaging operational decisions
  • Moving from unproductive meetings to meetings that are engaging and focused

The coaches work with the board chair and/or executive director to design and customize board coaching sessions. SCC works with boards who want to:

  • Create a stronger foundation of trust
  • Identify, explore and leverage team strengths and styles
  • Learn to navigate change more easily
  • Enhance communication and the ability to have courageous conversations
  • Increase quality of relationships amongst board members
  • Create shared purpose, goals and value framework
  • Create board agreements
  • Support shared behaviors and practices in navigating ongoing change and difficult conversations
  • Create accountability for their results
  • Expand their leadership effectiveness and capacity

SCC coaches will partner with the board and executive director to move the board to a healthy and productive place, which creates positive change and brings people together to advance the mission of the organization.

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