"I highly recommend SCC without reservation. There isn’t anyone else, to my knowledge, doing quite what SCC is doing. It’s remarkable what Cheryl and SCC have done for us."

- Michelle Basham, The Bridge for Youth

The Bridge for Youth

At Strategic Consulting & Coaching, our mission is to provide clients with the resources, skills, and tools they need to live out their missions to the very best of their ability. No matter the length of project we do, we consider our relationships with our clients to be long-term.  Not only do we seek out feedback in order to refine our processes, we want to ensure their goals continue to be met long after we’ve completed our work together.

We’d like to share some feedback provided to us by Michelle Basham, executive director of the Bridge for Youth, located in Minneapolis. The organization serves over 800 youth, ages 10-21, each year through short-term emergency shelter, transitional living, permanent supportive housing, street-based outreach, a 24-hour crisis line, counseling and more. We spoke with Michelle about the ways Strategic Consulting & Coaching has worked with the Bridge for Youth over the last couple years.

The Bridge for Youth Executive Director, Michelle Basham Michelle Basham, Executive Director of The Bridge for Youth, talks about working with SCC

SCC: Michelle, our team has worked with the Bridge for Youth in a number of ways. We’re so pleased that you and the board of directors have placed your confidence in us. How do you view the relationship?

Michelle: SCC is awesome and they are our go-to for everything. Cheryl and others from her team have fulfilled essentially three functions for us: serving in various interim roles as we go through turning around the Bridge for Youth including development associate, development director, and executive director; strategic planning and board governance; and individual executive coaching, group team building and coaching, and diversity training. SCC is just the go-to for everything.

SCC: Can you share a couple of positive outcomes of working with SCC?

Michelle: Our leadership team members have had some difficult decisions to make but Cheryl has helped them feel more secure in making those decisions by talking through options and consequences. This has helped our team in making wonderfully smooth transitions through tricky situations. I often get asked by other nonprofit EDs about handling interim situations or helping a board think through a merger and acquisition. We recommend Cheryl and SCC regularly.

SCC: We’ve all read case studies where everything went well. What would you change?

Michelle: Nothing. We wish you could all be here full time.

SCC: What were the key learnings of your experience with SCC? We want others to be able to learn from your story.

Michelle: I think it would help us if we identified some primary tasks the onsite consultant can be responsible for. And we should spend some time on the front end to help orient someone; you still need to help that interim person so they can better man the ship.

I highly recommend SCC without reservation. There isn’t anyone else, to my knowledge, doing quite what SCC is doing. It’s remarkable what Cheryl and SCC have done for us.





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