Executive Searches

We will help you recruit individuals to fill senior leadership positions within your organization. As interim executive directors, we work collaboratively with the board, staff, community and stakeholders throughout the search process. We'll help you find the right fit for your organization.

Overview of the executive search process

  • Leading executive search committee
  • Establishing performance priorities for the new executive director
  • Creating candidate profile, job announcement and job description
  • Creating interview process and timeline
  • Managing the selection process: serving as the first point of contact for applicants, drafting potential interview questions, scheduling interviews for the board, etc.
  • Facilitating leadership assessment for finalist


We will help ensure that your new executive is set up for success. Prior to even setting foot into the organization, we prepare new executives by teaching them about the organization, clarifying expectations, jump-starting essential relationships, building an internal team and communicating the leader’s vision.

When the executive takes over as the agency’s leader, he or she is ready to move the organization forward and staff feel confident in the leader’s motives and abilities.


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