Program Design

We will facilitate discussions with your organization's senior staff and/or board of directors to design and deliver programming, from innovative concept to implementation.

Process, methodology & deliverables

  • What are the unmet needs in the community?
  • What is your organization's unique contribution to solving the community need?
  • Who is your organization's audience (market) for the program?
  • What are the overall goals of the program and workshops?
  • How will your organization measure success and determine benchmarks?
  • How will the program contribute to advancing your organization's mission?
  • What are the needed resources to launch the program? (people, space including technology needs, supplies, administrative support, and fee structure)

The SMART goal methodology summarized below will be used to established goals and objectives. The program description will be assessed to see how well the program goals and first-year plan meet SMART criteria.

Specific: The “who and what” of program activities.

Measurable: Objectives must be specific in order to monitor and measure if a change in knowledge and behavior has taken place.

Achievable: Objectives should be attainable with an implementation of your strategies and progress.

Realistic: Useful and doable objectives that accurately address the programmatic steps that can be implemented.

Time-phased: What is the timeframe that the objective will be implemented and then later achieved?

Program design document that includes the description of the program, explicit goals of the program, program assumptions, measurable outcomes and evaluation goals, including a basic logic and an estimate of resources needed for the first year. This will also include suggestions for the program staff for the successful program implementation from the design and a high-level timeline.

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