Resource Development

Resource Development that Fits Your Organization

One size does not fit all organizations, especially when it comes to resource development and fundraising.

SCC helps organizations tell their story with passion and purpose resulting in increased contributions. Board members and leaders can confidently invite others to make an investment in the mission as a result of the three legged stool:

  1. High quality programs and services are essential to advancing your mission, telling your story, and raising money. What is the change you are making in the world?
  2. Program evaluation is central to demonstrating impact. Being good stewards of capital and human resources is important.  As a result of your programs, what really happened within the broader community? Program Evaluation is more than simply counting. Program evaluation helps identify unmet community needs, industry trends, and best practice to ensure your organization’s relevancy. We Measure What Matters!
  3. Communicating results and inviting others to invest in your organization. Do those closest to the organization know the whole story? Can they tell the story to their friends, family, and network? Do they make an annual contribution of money and time and invite others to participate?

Communication is the intersection between what matters most to the donor and your fundraising needs.

How does a particular program fit into societal needs locally and nationally? What is your organization’s relevance and results?

  • Identify your organizational lifecycle stage via a comprehensive assessment. There is a great difference between a start-up and a mature organization and what can be expected.
    • Determine fundraising need and capacity based on program and services, governance structure, financial resources, management and administrative systems.
  • Diversify your revenue portfolio and create resource development plans. Establish fundraising goals and strategies that fit your organizational need, size, and capabilities whether it be an annual campaign or a multi-year strategy.
  • Seek grants that align with your mission. SCC has a team of knowledgeable fund development experts and skilled grant writers. We work with you to identify potential sources of funding that align with your mission and needs by creating a grants development plan or even writing the grant for your organization.
    • SCC will increase your organizational capacity with grant seeking tools, schedules, and templates.
  • Offer resource development training for board members and key volunteers, such as "How to Manage a Major Donor Program." See training calendar.
  • Enhance fundraising by providing communications collateral support
    • Create impact reports, newsletters, appeals, and website
  • Conduct feasibility studies and capital campaigns
  • Interim Resource Development Leadership

Resource Development is a journey. Now is the time to get started.


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